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What’s new in DWG Viewer 3?

All the new features and improvements included in the latest DWG Viewer. We’re focused on building the fastest and easiest 2D CAD viewer.

DWG Viewer Main Screen

Supports macOS Sonoma

Now fully compatible with the latest Mac operating system and ready for future releases, DWG Viewer can now take full advantage of the latest Mac technologies and system features.

Apple Silicon compatible

DWG Viewer 3 runs natively on Macs powered by the Apple Silicon chips, for powerful and unrivalled performance. This means that DWG Viewer 3 is now future-proof and ready for any new machines and operating systems.

DWG 2023 (AC1032)

We have fully updated the file support system to work with the latest AutoCAD DWG file version. This brings a host of new compatibility features and the confidence that you can work with and share the most up-to-date DWG files.

Improved interface

We’ve given DWG Viewer a simpler and refreshed user interface, to make it easier for you to navigate to the options and tools you need. This will give you a faster workflow and improve productivity.

Increased drawing size

We have now increased the drawing size to a massive 1780 by 1780 inches. This means that you can work with huge and complex drawings without worrying about the document size.

MacDraft file support

DWG Viewer 3 now supports the viewing of the latest MacDraft 7 and MacDraft 8 files (.md70). We have also kept the previous file support, meaning you can view the older MacDraft files (.md60).

Improved measure note

Adjustments have been made to the position of the measurement note at the end of the measurement line. These changes will make it easier to be precise when measuring between points.

Zoom shortcut

We have changed the Zoom In and Zoom Out keyboard shortcuts to Command + + and Command + - respectively, making them more consistent with other macOS applications.

Bug fixing

In addition to the new features and improvements, we have fixed the various crash, stability, visual and customer reported issues. This will help to keep DWG Viewer running smoothly.

Compare versions

Compare the features and tools that are available in each of the major versions of DWG Viewer. This will help to show you what is available in the latest version and how it differs from earlier releases.

Tools & Features





MacOS Sonoma Compatible

Silicon Chip Compatible

Open DWG 2023 (AC1032) files

Vector icons and controls

High-quality user interface

1780x1780 inch drawing size

Open MacDraft MD70 files

Measure Tool

Automatic Open

Layout & Model Space

Open DWG 2013 (AC1027) files

Colors & Line styles

Document Tabs

Open MacDraft MD60 files

Improved text

Save Annotation (.ANN) files

Core Text system included

Percentage Zoom options

Single Key Shortcuts

Full Screen support

Open DWG 2010 (AC1024) files

Layers palette

Customize your toolbar

Improved image linking

Custom scales

New rulers

Multiple file instances

Hide/Show palettes

Universal binary (Intel/Power PC)

Open DWG 2004 (AC1018) files

Support choosing layouts

Arrow tool

Hand tool

Ellipse tool

Text tool

Zoom tool

1:1 tool

Save/Export to PDF

Frequently asked questions about DWG Viewer.

What are the system requirements for DWG Viewer?

DWG Viewer 3.0 requires an Apple machine running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.
It has full functionality for 32bit and 64bit systems, including full support for Apple Silicon chip machines.

Can I open a DWG file created on my PC?

Yes, you can open DWG files which originally came from either a Mac or PC. Files saved as DWG files contain the same data type, no matter which system they have come from. However, sometimes if the file contains special fills and hatchings, they may not be included.

Can I edit the DWG files I have opened?

Can I save a DWG file in DWG Viewer?

Can I select the Scale and Units in DWG Viewer?

What files can DWG Viewer open?

Do I need to upload my files to the internet before opening?

Can I manage the layers in DWG Viewer?

Can I try your DWG Viewer software before I buy, for free?

DWG Viewer

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