dreadful TV programme where neighbours come into your home accompanied by really annoying people – like Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and Linda Barker– and redecorate one of your rooms
to their tastes. If that sounds like
the ultimate nightmare, then you
would probably like the idea of
Microspot Interiors.
This 3D software package is
geared specifically towards room
design, and enables you to decorate and furnish a room in virtual reality. It’s supplied with a library of furniture and textures so that you can layout a room and rearrange things to your
heart’s content.You just drag and drop furniture into place. It’s even possible to scan in wallpaper or textures and apply
them to surfaces. If only real decorating were so simple.
Not only does Interiors provide the furniture, but there are also lighting
though, could probably benefit from some rudimentary grounding in using this type of software for really professional results.That said, once you’ve laid out your room and are happy with things, Interiors does a very good job of rendering the light, shadows and textures of the room you’ve designed using the supplied rendering plug-in.
Despite being very good value,
Interiors does cry out for a slightly simpler and more elegant interface. It’s a bit confusing and certainly not
the sort of package you could pick up from the shelves of a PC superstore, before going straight home and designing that new dream kitchen in just a couple of minutes.
However, once you’ve finished your room, you can view your design from any angle or even spin it around through 360
degrees. As Linda Barker would say:“It works really, really well”.
Mark Sparrow
  schemes and you can choose textures for both the walls and floors of your room. Accuracy is pretty impressive, too.Type in
room measurements and have Interiors scale the dimensions for you. It even takes into account the wall thicknesses when calculating room space.
Because Interiors is a 3D program, it’s not really suitable for absolute beginners, but it is relatively easy to use.Most users,

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