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Plan, Sectional & Elevation Components
Fully scalable, vector drawn editable items for use in all drawing types.

What can these library items do for you?

Includes over 300 commonly used drag & drop parts for drawing new homes or remodeling projects. Layer libraries are designed to use while drawing a home or addition plan. When building a plan you normally work using different layers, floor plans, sectional views, foundation and elevations. With Layer Libraries you will have just what you need right there when you need it. Designed by a professional Home Building Designer these libraries include everything you will need to create any plan you might be doing. Drawing plans just got a lot faster.

Available for use in Macdraft
Download a PDF preview to see what the library contains

Drag and drop libraries

Drag and drop the items in this library using the Library palette in MacDraft. This palette gives you a single place where all of the libraries are stored making it much easier and faster for you to find what you need and produce your drawings. You can even use the search feature in the library palette to help you find those items you really need to use. This can save you those valuable minutes which all add up.

All items are editable

All of the items in this library pack are editable. This allows you to change them how you please and using the library palette you can then store your own items in a custom library. This means that the items you get in this pack could soon turn into double even triple the number as you begin to customize them.

What do these libraries have to offer?

The preview images below show a selection of the items that are included in the Plan, Sectional & Elevation Component Libraries.

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Plan, Sectional & Elevation Components





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