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Precise & Professional Electronic Symbols for Mac

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Over 1200 electronic symbols split into 37 categories

Why do I need Electronic Symbol Libraries?

  • Drag & drop your symbols into other Mac OSX applications with ease

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  • Save yourself time by storing your preferred symbols in the Favorites Section

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  • Export your symbols as Illustrator, PDF and other image formats

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  • Digital Circuit
  • Digital Circuit Switch
  • Flashing Lamp Circuit

Draw electronic schematics, circuit layouts and plans.

Electronic schematics and circuits can be tricky to work with. The symbols in the electronic libraries are fully scalable, vector graphics allowing you to have full control over the scales you are working in. In addition the editability allows you to customise your symbols to suit any style of plan or layout you may be drawing

  • Circuit Worksheet
  • Circuit Worksheet

Create teaching aids, worksheets and slides

As teachers and students time is precious, therefore designing your submissions, teaching aids, worksheets and more has to be quick and efficient. These symbols can help you to achieve fast, precise and professional looking layouts in minutes. In addition you’ll be able edit the symbols to suit any slide, worksheet or design.

How Microspot libraries can save you time

Electronic Symbol Libraries 2

Available as a digital download. Should you require a CD you can contact us directly for availability.

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