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Black Friday Event - 2019

Starts on the 28th Nov 2019

The Quick & Easy Black Friday Survival Guide

Get a step ahead of everybody else this year and checkout our essential tips and tricks for making the most out of Black Friday. Whether you know what your looking for or plan to just browse on the day we all know that some shops can be a total nightmare!

With the survival guide below we’ll teach you some unique tips on how to stay warm, safe and keep a little change in your pocket while swimming through a sea of shoppers for that new deal.

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Write Notes

Write down a list of things you are looking for on Black Friday. Include the store name and if you’ve been there before you could even note the rough area it will be in the shop. This saves you time and more importantly lowers the risk of getting trampled on!

Another great thing to note down would be the store opening times. If you’re planning to go to various stores for those bargains, then knowing when you need to leave each place will be vital to the success of your Black Friday shopping spree.

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Wrap Up!

It’s November, this one is pretty self explanatory right? Keep warm if you are waiting outside in the early hours. Sure the shops themselves are warm but you can take the coat off inside. If you dont have one you can’t put one on outside.

You might also consider taking a hat, scarf and even gloves.... Let’s be honest you never know how long you’ll be there, and the weather man rarely gets it right!

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Plan Excuses!

Im not saying lie, be honest with your boss or partner. Tell them your intentions on Black Friday and if you need to book time off to get that deal then book time off! Remember there will be a lot of people who also want those bargains so make sure you’re not stuck in the office or at home!

Remember to book your holiday time early, as I’m sure loads of people at work are all thinking the same thing. Also don’t forget that alot of shops have online stores, so maybe all you need is a long trip to the restroom, that way you can save your holiday time..... But we didn’t tell you to do that!

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Charge Up

If you are part of the early morning queues and on your own (or if your friend won’t keep quiet) then your phone is going to be your best friend. Fully charge it before you go out and for that added security take a fully charged power bank too just in case.

Your phone will be your lifeline for many reasons. You may want to pass the time with some music, you may find the item you want has gone in store but not online, you may even want to chat to someone while you wait. All these will only be possible, if your battery life can withstand the epic proportions of Black Friday.

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Pack Lunch

Shopping is thirsty work, there is no day of the year that this is more true than on Black Friday. Don’t expect to finish your mad dash around the isles to take a break in the cafe around the corner. Hundreds of others will have had this same idea and the queues will be just as long!

We’re not saying take the whole fridge with you, but a couple of sandwiches, some crisps, a chocolate bar will always be the boost you need when the turmoil gets too much. You could always take some fruit, but lets be honest a Snickers sounds much better! :)

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Cash is King!

This isn’t a necessity but if you’re relying on apple/android pay and your phone dies, "...danger Will Robinson"! Keep a bit of cash on you, you don’t need to pay for a new PC or Mac with cold hard cash but maybe those discount headphones caught your eye?

Be sure to keep all your belongings close to you at all times, especially any cash you may have. Cash can make purchases so much faster, but also you'll know how much you are spending.


Black Friday is also the busiest day for another industry - plumbers. Plumbing services often hit their busiest day the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, often due to more guests in the house which leads to clogged drains followed by a huge increase in shoppers clogging the drains at the mall!

30% of items bought on Black Friday are gifts for someone else, meaning that 70% are not.. treat yourself!  

Total amount spent on Black Friday 2018 in USA was $6.22 billion in online sales.

The Facts - Your Plan of Attack for Black Friday 2019

The Black Friday rush of previous years has helped to establish it as one of the most popular shopping days of the year and Black Friday 2019 looks to be bigger and better.

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What is Black Friday?
Black Friday was originally a term used in the early 50s for the day after thanksgiving where workers would call in sick to work after stuffing themselves with Turkey and claiming a 4 day weekend. Roll forward 65 years and we are still calling in sick to work in late November, but not for turkey, instead it’s for a UHD Plasma TVs and a sweet gaming chair.

Black Friday has turned into a shopping holiday around the world due to its popularity in the USA and marks the unofficial first day of the christmas shopping period.

The National Retail Federation stated that Thanksgiving Day itself in the US brought $3.7bn in online sales, up 28% from 2017 and was a rise of nearly 70% more than experts had predicted. In the US, Black Friday online sales alone reached $6.2bn on Black Friday 2018.

When is Black Friday?
Black Friday is the first day after the thanksgiving holiday in the US. This means that you need to put a mark on the calendar or stick a posted note on the fridge to mark Friday the 29th of November 2019 as the day to grab this years best Black Friday offers and deals.

How to get the best deals this Black Friday
Below is a checklist you can use when trying to bag that all important deal.

  • Read online reviews and make sure it’s your dream product.
  • Is your intended store the cheapest? You might find that a rival shop is cheaper.
  • Find out if the store you’re purchasing from have a refunds and returns policy.
  • Can you reserve a product to save you getting there early?
  • Fan out, if you’re with a group of people you’ll cover more ground!
  • Stay at home, a lot of deals these days are found online too!
  • Some companies like Amazon price match other stores.
  • Use compare sites, they’re a great help!
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